I like to read. A lot. Because of my job as a web designer, I’m online quite a bit and have opportunity to read plenty of interesting articles. Lately I’ve been noticing a trend that I think has been flying under the radar. Most people would probably tell you the negative trends they see are more wars, more assault on the traditional family, more mocking of conservatives and Christians, etc. In fact, if I were to ask where you think Satan is working the hardest in these last days, what would you say? Probably something to do with attacking families, spreading poverty and war, or something we see increasingly in the news. Well, in my opinion, you would be wrong.

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My Proposal To Solve The NBA Lottery Problem

Posted on Wednesday May 21, 2014

If you follow sports, you probably know about the NBA draft lottery. If you don’t follow sports, it basically works like this. The 14 teams who didn’t make the playoff are entered in to a lottery to see in what order they get the first 14 draft picks. The worst team gets the best odds at landing the top pick while the best team of the 14 has the worst odds. Then the NBA puts a bunch of ping pong balls in a giant cage and pulls them out and that determines the draft order. The worse you are, the more ping pong balls you have for you. Make enough sense?

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The Problem With White Privilege

Posted on Friday May 16, 2014

A term growing in popularity recently, so-called “white privilege” as they say, has really been irking me. Bill O’Reilly recently proclaimed himself exempt from white privilege, and of course received the liberal backlash from being politically incorrect. But the phrase has been getting more attention recently thanks to the New York Times. Then a freshman wrote an essay on the topic, explaining how there is no such thing, and it went viral. That also naturally incurred the wrath of the left. But as the old saying goes, if a liberal is mad you, then you must be doing something right.

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Go to any news site. Go ahead. Any one of them. Chances are you will find a story that says something like “X percent this” or “New data that” or whatever. The problem? News organizations do not employ statisticians. So any news article with statistics involved is nearly always a complete and utter lie. Need some proof?

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An Analogy To Explain Gay Marriage For Liberals

Posted on Saturday Mar 1, 2014

Let me be abundantly clear: I don’t care who can legally marry. I don’t. There are problems infinitely more pressing that require our attention. What bothers me is the tone of the national debate. Liberals call Conservatives bigots for opposing gay marriage. Someone on Quora asked “Why is having an honest, rational opinion against gay marriage considered homophobia?” Guess what every answer said? That there is no honest, rational opinion against gay marriage. That’s what this national debate has devolved in to. One side saying the other is stupid. It drives me crazy.

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