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How To Fix The Electoral College

In both 2000 and 2016, the Presidential candidate with more votes lost the election. Both of those candidates were Democrats, so naturally we’ve heard the loudest calls to end the electoral college from them. The frustration is understandable of course. But does it need to end? Or could we reform the electoral college to make our Presidential election better? I believe the electoral college needs to be reformed. As you can see from the map above, that was the final vote count from the 2016 electoral college election. Yes, Spotted Eagle garnered an electoral vote. I think first and foremost you need an amendment to the Constitution that binds electors to the results. That should be a no-brainer. But how do we make those results more representative of the actual vote? Many (notably Hillary Clinton) call for a popular vote and that’s it. But these people fail to recognize we don’t live in a pure Democracy. We live in a Republic. Yes, there’s a difference. Remember that our country is made of up 50 sovereign states. The President is not just the leader of the citizens of our country but the leader of the states as well. So it makes sense that both the people should be represented in the vote AND the states represented in the vote. You may be familiar with another aspect of our government that operates this way. It’s called Congress. We have a House representing the people and a Senate representing the states. Our electoral college should do likewise. That is why I propose a system of awarding electoral votes that gives each state... read more

Why I Am Voting For Evan McMullin And You Should Too (In Utah)

I’m going to keep this short since I know half of the people reading are already enraged at me just from the title of this post. So for the sake of being succinct, here are some realities that I think need to be laid out. Hillary Clinton is going to win the 2016 election. The sooner we all come to grips with this, the better off we’ll be. It’s happening folks. She will most likely get around 330 electoral votes. The only candidate running for President who would actually do a decent job and has any relevant experience is Gary Johnson. He’s been a Governor as a Republican in a largely Democrat-controlled state. He isn’t beholden to either party. He is fiscally responsible while being socially tolerant, a position that a majority of Americans share. The powers that be, the status quo, will never allow Gary Johnson, the most qualified candidate in the race, to become President. Without a (D) or (R) next to his name, he, and any future candidate, will never be elected. You might naturally conclude that I would vote for Gary Johnson this election. I would like to. But our electoral process is strange, and given that I live in Utah, I can cast a more strategic vote. Evan McMullin is polling at or near the lead in Utah. He is the only candidate who isn’t Clinton or Trump that could win electoral votes this election. I am voting for Evan McMullin this election, and if you live in Utah, you should too. Why? For starters, Clinton is already winning this election. Handily. Our 6... read more

Don’t Want Trump Or Clinton? Here’s How To Make It Happen

America has never had to decide between two worse candidates than Trump and Clinton. Their unfavorable metrics are historic lows for presidential candidates. Two thirds of Americans don’t want to vote for either one of them. The problem is they aren’t so sure about the remaining field and can’t unify around any other candidate, so most Americans are going to the polls this November to cast a vote against Trump or Clinton. But does it have to be this way? No, voters could always turn to Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or one of any number of other candidates and vote for them. But that is unlikely as 40% of the electorate will always vote for the Democrat and 40% will always vote for the Republican. What if I told you the other 20% could stop both Trump and Clinton from getting the White House? This might sound crazy, because it is. But not as crazy as other theories out there. This scenario can actually happen. Likely? No, not at all. But this is 2016. Anything can happen. And the beauty of this plan is that it doesn’t take very many people in very many states to make it a reality. Here is what you need to know. In order for a candidate to win the election, they must secure a majority of the electoral votes, which would be 270. If no candidate has 270 electoral votes, then the House of Representatives will select the next President from the three candidates with the most electoral votes. In that selection process, each state delegation gets one vote. The candidate who gets... read more

An Update On The Circus Known As The 2016 Election

I’ve been saying since the day after the 2012 election that Hillary Clinton will be our next President. I haven’t deviated from that prediction since and I won’t now. In all likelihood, Clinton will win with an electoral map almost exactly identical to 2012. That’s my official analysis and prediction. But what if things got a little more interesting? The Trump tape has basically sunk his campaign. Republicans are retreating from him en masse. The problem is they don’t know where to go. They definitely don’t want Clinton, but it seems only Trump can stop her. But is that fair? I’ve detailed a long shot option before, but I’ll go over it again as well as some others that could be possibilities for those who want to do everything in their power to stop a Clinton presidency. Option 1: Gary Johnson This might sound crazy and counter intuitive, but if you want to stop Clinton, depending on the state where you live, the best way to do it might be to ditch Trump and vote Gary Johnson. Why? Because Gary Johnson supporters are not going to ditch Johnson to vote for Trump or Clinton. They are set. Trump supporters? Not so much. His support is more by default for being the Republican nominee. So how would this work? Let’s look at the polls in Minnesota: Clinton: 43% Trump: 36% Johnson: 11% Ok so right now Minnesota looks safely in the Clinton camp. Every expert and pundit agrees that Minnesota will go for Clinton in 2016. But wait…what if you combine Trump’s 36% with Johnson’s 11%? Obviously this is incredibly... read more

A Crazy But Perfect Strategy For The 2016 Election

About 2/3 of voters said they don’t want to vote for either Trump or Clinton. That’s an historic high as far as I know. Never before in an election have so many thrown their support against a candidate rather than for a candidate. It has given rise to serious consideration of third party candidates. Really just a crazy election year all around. So it should end as crazy as it has been all along. Here’s how that would ideally happen. Right now the election appears to be a toss up. Depending on how the swing states go that are too close to call, either of the major candidates can win this thing. But why leave it up to chance if you can do something about it? I will admit, this strategy will likely be more beneficial to Trump. But I’ll show how Clinton supporters could wield its power as well. Everything hinges on one thing: Gary Johnson. Why? Because for the first time ever we have a third party candidate in a position to actually win a state. It’s a long shot, but the shortest long shot it has ever been. And in the race to 270 electoral votes, people have to stop thinking about how to get more votes to their candidate. You have to think about how to steal votes away from the opposition. And this is the plan that would do that. Caveat: this will never happen. It would be crazy awesome to see, but it’s just never going to happen. Throwing it out there anyway. Step 1: If you live in a swing state, vote... read more

How Mitt Romney Becomes President In 2016

I’m going to start off by saying this is a long shot. A very long shot. But right now if I had to make a list of who is most likely to become President after this election, it would go like this: 1. Hillary Clinton 2. Donald Trump 3. Bernie Sanders 4. Mitt Romney 5. Paul Ryan As the Sanders campaign gets mathematically eliminated in the delegate count, Romney will move into that #3 spot. And while it is a long shot, he does have a shot, and here is how. First, after yesterday we can all but guarantee Clinton and Trump will be the nominees of their respective parties. Super Delegates could boost Sanders to the nomination, but it is unlikely. And we could get a brokered convention for the GOP, but again, that is unlikely (although if so, that is why Paul Ryan is on my list). It looks more and more likely that Clinton vs Trump is the November showdown. The winners? Clinton and Trump. The losers? The American people. Most people know and recognize this. Michael Bloomberg contemplated an independent self-financed campaign for a while, but concluded that he would be giving the presidency to Trump if he did. But Romney? Mitt Romney might be the best positioned to do something truly incredible here. All of us are sick and tired of the partisan bickering. Democrats and Republicans in politics live for it. The rest of us just want pragmatic leaders who will get stuff done. Clinton is more of the same. She maintains the status quo. Trump is a loose cannon, a wild card... read more

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