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TallSlim Tees Review

TallSlim Tees are fantastic t-shirts for tall skinny guys. The material is great. It is a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend. This means it is soft and light but more importantly won’t shrink nearly as badly as most shirts. The extra length in the sleeves and body is obvious when you put the shirt on. It’s a relief to have arm holes and sleeves that are more closely sized to actual human arms. The body seems to taper in a bit at the waist and then open up at the hips, so the fit is perfect. They are available on Amazon and on their website You can see my video review... read more

Plasma Car Polyurethane Replacement Wheels Review

On Amazon you can find these pretty amazing Plasma Car wheels for under $20 and free shipping. Worth every penny. I bought them in black but it looks like they come in blue, green, red, yellow, pink and other colors too. So in case you aren’t aware, Plasma Cars come with standard plastic wheels. They are pretty horrible. They can’t be used indoors or they will scratch your floors. They also skid pretty badly so you can’t take turns without really slowing down. These wheels also seem to break pretty easily, especially if an adult or teenager is using the Plasma Car. This goes for all the knock offs too like Wiggle Racer and whatever else they are called. All the same thing. Anyway, these polyurethane wheels are a huge upgrade! They replace the standard plastic ones and blow them away. Polyurethane is a polymer that is like a blend of rubber and plastic. It is the same material used in the wheels for inline skates, or rollerblades. They are built for performance, and they deliver. The bearings are pretty smooth and fast as well. You can really get moving with these wheels on. Installation is easy. The packing slip comes with a photo of the front wheel and back wheel so you know which wheels go where. The back ones just pull off, take out the white pins, then put them in your new wheels and push them back in the mold, being sure to line up the white pins correctly. The front wheels can be changed with pliers, just unscrew them, pull them off, put on the... read more

Cheater Wrench Torque Multiplier Review

I got my hands on a Cheater Wrench and man is it great. First, here is a picture of the case and then a picture of it opened with the wrench, components and sockets inside: So, what is it exactly? From the Cheater Wrench website it says the tool “utilizes gears to multiply torque. As you rotate the handle, several gears inside the wrench act together to amplify the force.” That’s a fancy way of describing a torque multiplier. You can see more at In practical terms, it makes it easy to remove lug nuts. I can see it being especially useful to truckers and RV drivers. But even if you have a tractor or maybe even an oil rig…heck, anything with big lug nuts that are super tight, this tool can help you out a ton. All you do is get the right size socket. It comes with 41mm, 38mm, 33mm and 21mm (4-point) which covers most all truckers. They are 1″ drive which is what the tool uses. Now, once you have your socket, put it on the Cheater Wrench. It will stay one because of the handy retaining ball on the output shaft. Put it on the lug nut you need removed then brace the arm on a neighboring lug stud. Start turning. After a few turns you’ll feel the pressure building up and the lug nut should break pretty easily. After that you can turn it off by hand. I have tested it on the steering tires of an International truck as well as my dually. For the dually it comes with an extension... read more

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