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How To Fix Our Political System

This is a follow up to my previous post about fixing the primary election system. It’s broken, obviously. But what’s even more broken, and even worse that it is, would be our entire political system. It’s an utter mess. And it is corrupt beyond belief. But can it be saved? How can such a monstrosity possible be fixed? Easily, that’s how. First, what is the problem? The Republicans say the problem in this country is the Democrat Party and liberals. The Democrats say the problem in this country is the Republican party and conservatives. In a rare moment, I actually agree with both sides on something. They’re both right- Republicans and Democrats are the problem! It is a rigged two party system. Whether you’re talking at the federal, state or local level, they have rigged the game to ensure Republicans and/or Democrats are always in charge. Always. Mega donors know this. Huge lobbying groups know this. So what do they do about it? They give candidates a ton of money. A ton. But here’s the best part- every other lobbying group pays off both the Republican and the Democrat in the race, ensuring that regardless of who wins, they are taken care of. Whichever candidate gets elected to whichever office doesn’t matter. They would both do much of the same things. In fact, look at what they do when one party is in charge of both Congress and the White House. Do Democrats take care of any big liberal agenda issues? Do Republicans take care of any big conservative issues? Under Bush we got big tax cuts. Under Obama... read more

How To Fix The Primary Election Season

It looks like we’re going to be stuck with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as our major presidential candidates this year. I can’t imagine much worse personally. So how does something this awful happen? Is it an ill-informed electorate? Cleverly run campaigns? I don’t happen to think so. It’s the system itself that is the problem, and a major overhaul is necessary after this year. Here’s how it works right now. Iowa always goes first in the primary season. Shortly afterwards, New Hampshire votes. Then South Carolina and Nevada. Florida has sneaked in around then too I believe. But then we get Super Tuesday, a day when several states hold primaries. This is the first Tuesday of March. Throughout the rest of the month a lot of states hold their primary elections. However they aren’t all done until June. Frankly I can’t think of a time that any race in the primaries ever went until June. So if you live in a state that votes in May or June, sorry, but you literally never have a say on who your party’s candidate will be. Iowa on the other hand? They get major face time for months and months from all the candidates. Why? Are voters in Iowa so important compared to those in California? The problem is that’s just the ridiculous system we have. And it’s archaic and asinine. Things have got to change. Here is my open proposal to both major parties as a way to easily and simply reform the system to give everyone a voice. First, you need to divide the country into four regions. My... read more

On Mormons, Membership and Joy

UPDATE: Due to questions and concerns from friends and family, this post has been updated for clarity. To summarize, not every member of the church has a strong spiritual witness that it is the one, true church. Those who feel they have received this witness should not judge those who feel they haven’t received it. The church is just one component or aspect of the gospel. We should love and cling to the whole gospel and not just the church. In my original post I intentionally left my faith in the church ambiguous to illustrate the point that one’s faith in the church shouldn’t ultimately matter. This concerned many friends and family who interpreted it to mean that as a result of my own faith crisis I had lost faith in the church. First, that misses the whole point that the strength of my testimony regarding the church doesn’t ultimately matter. Second, I’ve edited the post to make it a little more clear that I don’t doubt the gospel taught by the church. I hope this makes clear where I believe our faith should be centered and where mine is. This week saw my church in the news twice. First, there was a mass resignation event in Salt Lake City where Kate Kelly, a recently excommunicated member, spoke about membership in the church. Second, the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow openly gay leaders which led my church’s leaders to re-evaluate their long standing relationship with the BSA. I have seen a whole lot of commentary and opinion since then, and I have felt a lot of sadness... read more

Plasma Car Polyurethane Replacement Wheels Review

On Amazon you can find these pretty amazing Plasma Car wheels for under $20 and free shipping. Worth every penny. I bought them in black but it looks like they come in blue, green, red, yellow, pink and other colors too. So in case you aren’t aware, Plasma Cars come with standard plastic wheels. They are pretty horrible. They can’t be used indoors or they will scratch your floors. They also skid pretty badly so you can’t take turns without really slowing down. These wheels also seem to break pretty easily, especially if an adult or teenager is using the Plasma Car. This goes for all the knock offs too like Wiggle Racer and whatever else they are called. All the same thing. Anyway, these polyurethane wheels are a huge upgrade! They replace the standard plastic ones and blow them away. Polyurethane is a polymer that is like a blend of rubber and plastic. It is the same material used in the wheels for inline skates, or rollerblades. They are built for performance, and they deliver. The bearings are pretty smooth and fast as well. You can really get moving with these wheels on. Installation is easy. The packing slip comes with a photo of the front wheel and back wheel so you know which wheels go where. The back ones just pull off, take out the white pins, then put them in your new wheels and push them back in the mold, being sure to line up the white pins correctly. The front wheels can be changed with pliers, just unscrew them, pull them off, put on the... read more

What BYU’s Bowl Brawl Means For Football

By now you have probably heard about the Miami Beach Bowl between Memphis and BYU. You probably didn’t hear about it being the third highest scoring bowl game ever. You probably didn’t hear about Paxton Lynch tallying an amazing 7 touchdowns (4 passing, 3 rushing) for Memphis. You probably didn’t hear about Jake Elliott nailing a 55-yard field goal in OT for Memphis after being iced by BYU. You probably didn’t hear about the incredible 5-5 the teams combined for on fourth downs. You didn’t hear about any of that because the game was spoiled by a post-game brawl. I just did a Google search for [byu memphis] and here are the titles/headlines that come up: Double-OT Miami Beach Bowl Ends In All-Out Fight Brawl mars end to Memphis’ win over BYU in Miami Miami Beach Bowl ends in a brawl between Memphis, BYU VIDEO: BYU-Memphis Bowl Game Ends With An Ugly Brawl Video: Huge brawl mars wild finish to Miami Beach Bowl BYU and Memphis Fight at End of Wild Miami Beach Bowl Get the picture? The fight is the headline that stole the show. That’s what everyone is talking about. That’s the video everyone is watching right now. A lot of players were injured with visible cuts on their faces, but those injuries pale in comparison to the giant black eye the football team just gave BYU, and, by extension, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now let’s be fair. Memphis played a trash-talking, undisciplined, classless game. As soon as they won they charged the BYU sideline in celebratory taunting. As their coach said, they... read more

Satan’s Last Great Battle Isn’t What You Think It Is

I like to read. A lot. Because of my job as a web designer, I’m online quite a bit and have opportunity to read plenty of interesting articles. Lately I’ve been noticing a trend that I think has been flying under the radar. Most people would probably tell you the negative trends they see are more wars, more assault on the traditional family, more mocking of conservatives and Christians, etc. In fact, if I were to ask where you think Satan is working the hardest in these last days, what would you say? Probably something to do with attacking families, spreading poverty and war, or something we see increasingly in the news. Well, in my opinion, you would be wrong. Why? Because all I’ve read (again, a lot) has got me thinking that Satan’s last great battle is actually the same as his first. He is fighting for our agency. More specifically, he is fighting to take it away, or at least have us voluntarily give it up without realizing it. But how is he going about this? There’s the obvious spread of addictive substances and behaviors for one. But it goes deeper than that. Much deeper. I think Satan’s last stand is to not take away our agency but to make us believe we never had it. I’m talking about genetics. Science has obviously come a long way when talking about genetics. We learn more every day. But in the last few years we seem to have been learning more than we could have imagined. The most thrilling discovery to me has been that of epigenetics, or the... read more

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