A Crazy But Perfect Strategy For The 2016 Election

About 2/3 of voters said they don’t want to vote for either Trump or Clinton. That’s an historic high as far as I know. Never before in an election have so many thrown their support against a candidate rather than for a candidate. It has given rise to serious consideration of third party candidates. Really just a crazy election year all around. So it should end as crazy as it has been all along. Here’s how that would ideally happen.

Right now the election appears to be a toss up. Depending on how the swing states go that are too close to call, either of the major candidates can win this thing. But why leave it up to chance if you can do something about it?

I will admit, this strategy will likely be more beneficial to Trump. But I’ll show how Clinton supporters could wield its power as well.

Everything hinges on one thing: Gary Johnson. Why? Because for the first time ever we have a third party candidate in a position to actually win a state. It’s a long shot, but the shortest long shot it has ever been. And in the race to 270 electoral votes, people have to stop thinking about how to get more votes to their candidate. You have to think about how to steal votes away from the opposition.

And this is the plan that would do that.

Caveat: this will never happen. It would be crazy awesome to see, but it’s just never going to happen. Throwing it out there anyway.

Step 1: If you live in a swing state, vote for your candidate. You have a chance.
Step 2: If you live in a state where your candidate is the overwhelming favorite, vote for your candidate to ensure they win the safe states.
Step 3: If you live in a state where your candidate is trailing by a healthy margin, vote for Gary Johnson.

Huh? Why not vote for your candidate? It is simple. You can take votes away from your opponent and give them to Gary Johnson who doesn’t have a chance of winning the electoral college.

Here is how it would work. Let’s say you are a Republican in Minnesota. Clinton is at 43% and Trump is at 36%. The margin is outside the margin of error, plus Minnesota went for Obama both times. So this is reliably blue. Or is it?

Gary Johnson is coming in at 11% in Minnesota. I’m not mathematician, but is 36+11 greater than 43? Yup! So, Minnesota Republican, if you and every other Trump supporter voted for Gary Johnson, Clinton doesn’t win Minnesota. Johnson does. That’s 10 electoral votes Clinton doesn’t get.

Republicans can do this in Pennsylvania (20 votes), Michigan (16 votes), Virginia (13 votes), New Hampshire (4 votes), Rhode Island (4 votes), New Mexico (5 votes), Washington (12 votes) and Wisconsin (10 votes). That would be 99 electoral votes stolen from Clinton.

Clinton supporters, what about you? This strategy would be effective in Georgia (16 votes), Iowa (6 votes), Missouri (10 votes), Texas (38 votes), Utah (6 votes), Alaska (3 votes), Montana (3 votes) and South Dakota (3 votes). That would be 85 votes you could steal away from Trump.

Now imagine everyone did this. Gary Johnson would end up with 184 electoral votes. That’s not 270. That’s not enough to win the White House.

Keep something in mind here. Right now most polls have 200 electoral votes safely for Clinton and 163 safely for Trump with 175 as a toss up. Imagine taking away half the base support for the opposing candidate! Republicans, you could do it and then Clinton would literally have to win all 175 of those toss up votes to get 270. Democrats, same for you.

Now some states are no contest. Even if everyone threw their support behind Johnson it wouldn’t be enough to overcome the Republican or Democrat. So this strategy basically ensures three candidates will get electoral votes. If only one side executed this plan, it would mean a guarantee that their opponent doesn’t win the electoral college.

But there’s more.

If no candidate wins the 270 majority, then the election goes to the House of Representatives. At that point each state delegation gets one vote. This clearly favors Trump since the House is GOP controlled. If both sides execute this strategy, the House would decide.

So if you are GOP and live in one of those states, get all your GOP friends to vote Johnson. Voting Trump is a waste, he can’t win against Clinton in those states. And you will never convince Johnson supporters to vote Trump to tip the balance in his favor. You must join the Johnson supporters to get enough support to stop Clinton. Your guy might not get the electoral votes, but your opponent won’t either. Just as effective.

Can it work? Yup. Will it work? Not a chance. But it sure would cap a crazy election with the craziest results we’ve ever seen.