Why I Am Voting For Evan McMullin And You Should Too (In Utah)

Why I Am Voting For Evan McMullin And You Should Too (In Utah)

I’m going to keep this short since I know half of the people reading are already enraged at me just from the title of this post. So for the sake of being succinct, here are some realities that I think need to be laid out.

Hillary Clinton is going to win the 2016 election. The sooner we all come to grips with this, the better off we’ll be. It’s happening folks. She will most likely get around 330 electoral votes.

The only candidate running for President who would actually do a decent job and has any relevant experience is Gary Johnson. He’s been a Governor as a Republican in a largely Democrat-controlled state. He isn’t beholden to either party. He is fiscally responsible while being socially tolerant, a position that a majority of Americans share.

The powers that be, the status quo, will never allow Gary Johnson, the most qualified candidate in the race, to become President. Without a (D) or (R) next to his name, he, and any future candidate, will never be elected.

You might naturally conclude that I would vote for Gary Johnson this election. I would like to. But our electoral process is strange, and given that I live in Utah, I can cast a more strategic vote.

Evan McMullin is polling at or near the lead in Utah. He is the only candidate who isn’t Clinton or Trump that could win electoral votes this election. I am voting for Evan McMullin this election, and if you live in Utah, you should too.


For starters, Clinton is already winning this election. Handily. Our 6 electoral votes aren’t swinging the election. Nothing to worry about there. Whether Trump ends up with 200 or 194 electoral votes doesn’t make a difference.

Second, McMullin actually lines up pretty well with Utah politics. He is a fairly conservative guy. His positions line up favorably with many in the state. He went to BYU and is a Mormon, both pluses in the state. He seems fairly well liked although not well known.

Third, ours is the only state up for grabs this election. By that I mean every other state is almost certainly picking the Republican or the Democrat as usual. Utah isn’t a gimme for either one at this point.

So I am voting for Evan McMullin simply so that neither Trump nor Clinton wins my state. I want to send a protest vote that sends a message loud and clear: Republicans and Democrats aren’t in control here.

But what is the point of that? A McMullin victory in Utah all but ensures that the trend he is setting continues in 2020 and beyond. And what trend is that? The trend of mounting an independent presidential bid and focusing on a single state you can win.

Again you might be thinking, what’s the point of that?

The more Evan McMullin’s we have running every year, the better. This will mean there are a lot less “safe” states for each candidate. Imagine if Gavin Newsome was running in California, Bernie Sanders in Vermont, John Kasich in Ohio, etc. Imagine every state having a well known and popular politician on the ballot. Now imagine those candidates have a chance to win just their state. Sure, they can be on the ballot elsewhere. But what if they had a legit shot of winning their state?

This would create an electoral minority for Republicans and Democrats, and by that I mean neither of them will be as likely to get the 270 needed to win the presidency. This will naturally result in larger coalitions being formed and bigger tents in each of the parties in order to adapt. That’s a good thing.

But an even better side effect would be the near unanimous bipartisan support to abolish the antiquated electoral college which enables this strategy to thrive in the first place. If the election were all about the popular vote, no one outside of the two major parties would ever have a chance. The two major parties would love for that to be the case, so you better believe they will make it happen.

And for those reasons, I’m voting for Evan McMullin. And if you live in Utah, you should too.